If you wish to study at SAST IPERU but cannot easily come to our campus, we offer the option of studying online.

The BA Theology programme and MA in Integrative Theology (MAiTh) and MA in Theological Education (MATE) programmes are available to be studied completely online, with no requirement to travel. BA online modules are delivered over three semesters, from October to August, in five-week blocks, with a group of students studying together with module tutors. MAiTh online modules are delivered over three terms and MATE modules are delivered over two terms.

Each of our online modules parallels an on-campus module, with the same learning outcomes and assessments, but with its own specifically-created course materials. Online courses are delivered via our Virtual Learning Environment ‘LSTOnline’ and are mainly presented in a written form, including readings from books and articles, but also including videos and audio clips. Students study together in cohorts and interact with each and the tutor in forums.