December 5, 2020 2:00 pm

Thanksgiving 2020
Thanksgiving 2020

We cordially invite everyone to the end of year Thanksgiving at the SastIperu chapel at 2pm.

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Admission into SAST is based on three categories or requirement;


  1. The candidate must have been a full member of the Assemblies of God for three years before applying or a full member of any living church whose doctrine is approved by Assemblies of God
  2. The candidate must be recommended by the appropriate officials of his or her church
  3. The candidate must be filled with the Holy Spirit with biblical evidence of speaking in tongues according to Acts 2:4.
  4. The candidate must show evidence of the call of God on his or her life and commitment to full-time work for the Lord.


Academic Requirements

  1. Five “O” Level G.C.E. or SSC. 3 “A” Level or its equivalent.

(Minimum requirement)

  1. Certificate

First school leaving certificate, 3 “O” Level G.C.E, Secondary school certificate (SSC) or any Post-primary experience.


Non-Assemblies of God Candidates

  1. The candidate must submit a two-page write-up on his or her personal history, Spiritual experience (Born Again) Church activities and ministry.
  2. The candidate must be recommended by at least two of his or her denominations’ top officers.
  3. The candidate must submit his or her Denomination’s statement of faith.
  4. The candidate must have the recommendation of the Admissions Committee prior to the approval of the Committee of administration.
  5. He or she must pass the entrance examination.
  6. He or she must have the approval of the Board of Governors.
  7. Non-Assemblies of God candidates must not constitute more than (10% at Diploma Level; 15% at B.A. Level) of the total intake for the year.


Entrance Requirements

Admission application forms for BA, Diploma and Part Time Diploma courses must be obtained and completed before sitting for the entrance examination and interview. No cash payment to any SAST official is allowed. We observe a zero tolerance for any form of cash transactions at SAST, Iperu Remo.

  1. A. candidates must hold Diploma Certificates from any Assemblies of God Seminary or from institutions recognized by the Assemblies of God, Nigeria. And must submit their Diploma transcripts to the Registrar for screening at the point of admission.
  2. Diploma candidates must hold SSCE Certificates or 5 GCE papers in not more than two sitting including English Language.
  3. Part-Time Diploma candidates must possess a minimum of HND/BA/BSC/B.ED or other professional certificate equivalent from a recognized university or polytechnic.


Assemblies of God Candidates.

  1. Must be born again
  2. Must be filled with the Holy Spirit
  3. Must have at least three years of full membership with the Assemblies of God church.
  4. Must have a genuine call to the Ministry
  5. Must have the recommendation of the Pastor, Church committee and Sectional Leader
  6. Must pass through the District/Area Interview and or recommendation
  7. Must pass the entrance examination
  8. Must not be less than 19 (nineteen) years old of age


Health Requirements

In other to cope with the academic demands of the school, prospective candidates are required to be physically fit. Every prospective candidate must be examined by a competent medical doctor who will fill and append his/her signature on the health forms from Southwest Advanced School  of Theology. SAST reserves the right to refuse admission of any candidate who may pose some health-hazards to the community.